ID.TF6 – ch 7-12 trim & volume extension controller for Sound Devices 833


This is an updated version of my simple and popular 6 channel “TF” (Trim or Fader selectable) controller for Sound Devices 833 channels 7-12

Video demo: (the controller in the video is a TF8, but TF6 works similarly)

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Six high quality, non detent (smooth) endless encoders with selectable trim (gain) or volume fader functionality. Tailor made for 8-series recorders, designed and assembled by hand in Denmark. Please read the full description and FAQ below before you purchase. More pics and videos are on the way.

User manual:

  • Plug and power via 8-series USB A. No setup required.
  • Long press any encoder to toggle between VOLUME or TRIM (gain) mode.
  • LED will light either red (volume) or green (trim) for the mode.
  • Short press an encoder to toggle PFL for the corresponding channel

What’s changed in the new version:

  • The former dedicated trim/volume toggle button has been replaced with a  more simple approach: Long press any of the encoders for mode toggling
  • Multi color LED indicator, red = volume mode, green = trim mode, white = initialization
  • Eliminated some EMI / RF noise
  • Enhanced enclosure design, smaller overall dimensions.
  • 14 grams lighter, 99 grams total
  • Enclosure material changed to all black carbon fiber PETG
  • Also made a TF8 (8 channel version specifically for 888)


Dimensions, weight L x W x H
120 x 24 x 28 (41 mm including knobs) mm
4.7 x 0.94 x 1.1 (1.6 including knobs) inches
(will fit above XL-AES)

Weight: 99 grams / 0.218 pounds

Please note, when the controller is first plugged in or rebooted, volume changes will initially start from -inf, then be stored locally for normal operation. Trim changes will always start from their relative position stored in the mixer.


Can I change the channel configuration (to another mixer) myself?
Yes, but you will need to contact me for instructions on how to do so. Scorpio firmware isn’t ready yet.

What’s the build quality like?
It’s important for me to disclaim what kind of operation this is. I am designing, coding, soldering, 3D printing, assembling and shipping these units out of my basement office when I’m not working as a freelance sound recordist. 3D printed objects can and will have some very minor cosmetic imperfections compared to the high end aluminum stuff we’re all used to.  I’ve taken some hi-res photos, so please take a closer look and decide for yourself. The TF6/TF8/T8 enclosure is made from carbon infused PETG which is strong, light weight, heat/UV resistant and pretty good looking for a 3D print, if I should say so myself. The encoders are nice smooth, stepless, silent and solidly wave soldered on to a PCB.

Will this work on my 6-series, 7-series, MixPre, Zoom recorder, etc ?
No, sorry – these units are only compatible with Sound Devices 8 series. You might be able to use it in your DAW though

Will this work on my 6-series, 7-series, MixPre, etc ?
No, sorry – these units are only compatible with Sound Devices 8 series.

What happens if I plug this into a 888 or Scorpio?
The control protocol channel layout is a little different across the mixer models, so a different controller firmware is needed for 888 or Scorpio. I’m working on Scorpio FW versions, and there’s a TF8 specifically made for 888

What about an 8 ch version?
There’s an 8 channel version available for 888 users, TF8. There’s also a very compact 2 knob / 8 channel controller available for both 833, 888 and Scorpio: TF2X.

Can I use multiple USB controllers at a time?
Yes with a hub. Please consult the 8 series manual regarding third party controller spill / individual mode to determine if this will work with your use case.

How do I mount this thing?
The height of the unit fits so it can sit above the XL-AES. I just use some double sided tape. Every mixer configuration is different, so you will probably have to get creative.

What if it breaks or stops working?
I am not running away if something breaks or stops working, please reach out to me if you run into any kind of issue:

What if Sound Devices stop supporting third party controllers in a future firmware?
I really don’t see why that would happen. Third party support is an awesome feature of the 8 series mixer range, Sound Devices even promote this and other third party products on their own homepage. (Thank you Sound Devices!!)

I’ve heard third party controllers will sometimes act up and even cause 8 series to freeze
I’ve heard that too, and I am confident mine won’t act up. Here’s why: As someone who has spent quite some time interfacing with 8 series mixers, my guess is for Icon and Waves Fit boards, these connection issues / freezing / unresponsiveness issues is most likely caused by the large amount of bilateral midi communication needed in order for motorized faders, track naming data, SD Remote etc. all to work at the same time, while also being able to interface with a whole bunch of DAWs and other hardware/protocols. This is incredibly complicated stuff compared to what’s happening inside my controllers. Also, some of the boards like SL Mixface and Waves Fit (at least the ones I’ve tried) have some weird trim pot / encoder multiplication mismatches that don’t translate well to 8 series protocol implementation. I have not heard of any of these issues with CL16, CL12 and Sonosax LC8+ and guess what they don’t have motorized faders.

Anyway, my controllers are sending well tested, clear, uncomplicated one-way MIDI messages that are custom tailored to work smoothly with 8 series recorders specifically.

Why does the channel page not open with PFL?
Long story short – it is possible, but I have not made it accessible because it would potentially cause all kinds of confusion for the user. I did an instagram post on this topic

What’s the delivery time?
If the stock status says: “Green smiley face: XX in stock – available on backorder”:
That means the item is ready to ship within a day or two.

If the stock status just says: “Out of stock”:
That means I am waiting on parts. The upper part of this page has an ETA if that is the case.

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What is up with the tax
– Zero VAT/tax on purchases made from US or outside of EU, item price should be well below most customs thresholds ($800 for US)
– Zero VAT/tax on purchases made from inside of EU if you make sure to provide your VAT no during checkout, otherwise EU VAT will be applied.
– For some countries like Norway and United Kingdom, there might be local import custom fees and taxes, this will be the buyers responsibility.



Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 12 × 2.4 × 4.1 cm

833 (ch 7-12)


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