ID.TF2X – Multi channel extension controller for 833, 888, Scorpio


ID.TF2X mk2

Here’s a compact but very powerful way to control those extra Sound Devices 8-Series channels. Trim, volume, PFL and selectable channels with just two knobs. High quality non detent smooth rotary encoders.


Sound Devices 833:
7-8 |        |       | Bus1-Bus2

Sound Devices 833 (+4):
7-8 | 9-10 | 11-12 | Bus1-Bus2

Sound Devices 888:
9-10 | 11-12 | 13-14 | 15-16

Sound Devices Scorpio:
13-14 | 15-16 | 17-18 | 19-20

Video demonstration:

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The unit has two smooth endless rotary encoder knobs with push buttons, that can control multiple channels by switching the channel set. It weighs only 80 grams, measuring 5x3x8.5 cm (that’s 1.96×1.18×3.34 in) including knob height. I try to make products that don’t require a user manual, but anyway:

Plug in via USB A
– Turn to adjust volume or gain
– Quick press to toggle channel screen and activate trim control for the selected channel
– Long press (0.5 sec) to toggle trim or fader
– Double press to navigate channels
Bonus feature:
– Very long press (2 sec) to fire a custom midi shortcut

The enclosure is made from PLA. USB plugs in from the back. Comes with a clip holder

LWH: 5x3x8.5 cm (1.96×1.18×3.34 in) incuding knob height


What’s changed in mk2?
– Dedicated “gain/volume toggle” button has been replaced in favor of a more simple approach: Long press an encoder to toggle gain/volume mode.
– Front face overall footprint is smaller, but the unit is taller. Will not fit above XL-AES like mk1
– USB C plug moved to the bottom of the unit
– Slightly larger knobs
– Multi color LED with option to adjust brightness
– Comes with an optional quick mounting solution

Was there anything wrong with mk1?
Not at all! Designing and coding these controllers is something I enjoy, and making all these functions (volume, bus, pfl, midi shortcuts, channel switching) work in a meaningful way with just two encoders was a fun challenge that I wanted to take on.

Will this work on my 633/664/688?
No – these fader units are only compatible with Sound Devices 8 series.

What’s the build quality like?
It’s important for me to disclaim what kind of operation this is. I am designing and building these units out of my basement office when I’m not working as a freelance sound recordist. The enclosure and knobs are 3D printed, which means the product will not look and feel like the very expensive sound equipment we’re all used to. I’ve taken some hi-res photos, so please take a closer look and decide for yourself.

Can I use multiple USB controllers at a time?
Yes – you can use a USB hub to plug in several controllers, but if you have a very special use case, please consult me and I will help to see if it’s possible.

I have an 833 without +4 plugin, and don’t need those extra channels
You can use this controller for just ch 7-8 (and bus 1+2), or get the TF2 instead

Can I change the channel configuration myself?
No and yes. The unit comes pre-configured to the mixer model you choose, but I can provide you with a another firmware hex file for you to flash (with a piece of Windows software) if you wish.

What’s the delivery time?
If the stock status says: “Green smiley face: XX in stock – available on backorder”:
This means I will be able to ship yours within a day or two

If the stock status just says: “Available on backorder”:
That means I am waiting on parts to arrive, and there will be a delay. Email me if you need an educated guess on ETA or if it’s a real SOS, I keep some emergency stock

Why is there no USB cable included?
Because there is no point in shipping USB cables around the world, when you already have one lying around. Just make sure it’s a good data USB cable and not a two pin charge cable. If you absolutely must buy a USB cable from me, that’s possible:

Can I choose a specific color?

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– For some countries like Norway and United Kingdom, there might be local import custom fees, I am not in control of that, and I don’t know anything about it either.

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833, 833 (+4), 888, Scorpio


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