ID.MP1 – Mappable footswitch input, button & main fader for Sound Devices 8 series


This is a midi mappable button box for Sound Devices 8 series recorders. Footswitch NOT included

I designed this entirely for my own use case:
– I wanted a midi mappable footswitch for handsfree momentary comms talkback
– a second midi mappable button for various functions (in my case automix on/off)
– I also wanted a handy fader pot for an output

So I combined those three things in a tiny box.

You can map the functions to whatever you want in the 8 series -> controllers -> mapping menu.

Footswitch NOT included. The one pictured is a M-audio SP2, but any cheap or expensive footswitch / sustain pedal should work. You can even wire your own custom button or switch to a regular 1/4″ jack if you want.


Available on backorder


The unit has a smooth a button, a 1/4″ jack switch input, a potentiometer assigned to “master fader”, all mappable in the 8 series controller menu. The unit needs 10-20 seconds to boot.

The enclosure is made from PLA. USB and 1/4″ external switch input plugs in from the right side.

Please bare in mind, this is a homemade product, made to order, hand-soldered and 3D printed in my basement while the kids were asleep. It is not going to have the look and feel of the very expensive sound equipment we all use and love, but I am sure you will find it useful it anyways. I have taken some high resolution photos, so what you see here is what you get.


Will this work on my 633/664/688?
No – these units are only compatible with Sound Devices 8 series.

Can I use multiple USB controllers at a time?
Yes – you can use a USB hub to plug in several controllers, no problem.

Can I change the midi note / potentiometer channel configuration myself?
No, the configuration is flashed onto a microprocessor, and also it shouldn’t be necessary as all control outputs of this device are mappable within the 8 series controller menu.  If you want to change the midi note / channel configuration after you’ve purchased a unit, email me

What’s the delivery time?
Once you’ve place your order, I will make, test and ship the unit within 7-10 days, probably quicker.

What currency are the prices?

Why is there no footswitch included?
Because footswitches are heavy, and the increased shipping price would surpass the actual price of the footswitch by a threefold, so go support your local music store instead 🙂

Why is there no USB cable included?
Because there is no point in sending USB cables around the world, when you already have one lying around. Just make sure it’s an actual data USB cable and not a two pin charge cable. If you absolutely must buy a USB cable from me, that’s possible:

Can I choose another color?
Write me

What is up with the tax
Purchases made from outside of EU will have zero tax/VAT added, item price should be well below any customs threshold as well.
Purchases made from inside of EU will have 25% VAT applied unless you provide your VAT no during checkout.

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